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Beginner to Advanced Knitting and Crochet Lessons in Chicago’s South Loop

Are you eager to learn the basics of knitting or crochet right in the heart of Chicago? Are you an experienced knitter or crocheter who wants to learn more advanced techniques? At yarnify! in the South Loop, we offer lessons to suit all skill levels. We are passionate about crafting and delighted to provide our expertise to help you explore your creativity through the fiber crafts.

Our private lessons allow you to customize the experience so that you learn exactly what you are interested in. We also offer small group lessons and parent-child lessons. If you prefer the camaraderie of crafting with a group, please inquire about our [Fiberklatch Thursday and informal daytime gatherings]. With our extensive selection of quality yarns, supplies, and other essentials, you can pick up exactly what you need for each lesson in the same convenient location.

Beginner to Advanced Knitting Lessons
Elevate Your Skill Level

Elevate Your Skill Level with Crochet Lessons in Printers Row

Many people coming from Michigan Avenue to our Printers Row yarn shop want to learn how to crochet or how to improve their skills. yarnify! is ready to help by providing crochet lessons to meet all needs. When you stop by our reputable, independent shop, you can gather tips and advice from our in-house crochet experts.

If you need structured lessons to learn the basics or uncover the advanced secrets of crochet techniques, simply sign up for our individual or small group lessons. yarnify! classes are led by our own team of crafters at convenient times throughout the week. We also support you in your craft projects by being your source for crochet tools, educational materials, notions, yarns, and more.

Are you ready to start incorporating advanced techniques into your upcoming crochet projects? Visit or call yarnify! today to schedule a lesson with one of our instructors.

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